St. Theresa's Parish
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St. Theresa's 17 Drummartin Street, Albion, Vic 3020
Fr. Barry Hughes
9311 3091
Office Hours: Tue, Thu & Fri – 9am to 1pm

Parish Groups

Parish Caring Services

Parish Leadership Team
A team of dedicated people who meet regularly to consider, plan and facilitate activities within the Parish. The Parish Leadership Team has established sub-committees within the Parish to ensure that we connect with the community, schools and parishioners.
A group established to ensure all Parishioners are made to feel welcome and involved within the Parish. They will greet and welcome new Parishioners and visitors to ensure they are provided with the information they need. They will offer new parishioners the opportunity to have their names and details added to the parish records, and to request a visit form the priest or one of the parish leaders.
Ministry to the Sick, Elderly or Housebound
Some Parishioners may find it difficult to come to mass due to illness or age and therefore are housebound. We arrange visits to these people, offering communion, confession or anointing of the sick. If Parishioners are moved to nursing homes or special accommodation, we endeavour to keep in touch.
Liturgy Team
This group meets every two weeks to plan aspects of the mass for the coming weeks. After prayerfully reflecting on the scripture readings, the group considers words of welcome at the beginning of Eucharist and introductions to the readings. Hymns and Prayers of the Faithfull are also selected. This group plans for special feasts as they approach. All parishioners and visitors are welcome to join this group and assist in planning the Liturgies.
Social Justice Group
This group has recently been formed to enable our Parish to be more active in recognising people in need in our world. Our major current project is the support of two young women undertaking nursing training in South Sudan.
There are many ways you can be involved within our Parish, these include:

  • Altar serving

  • Reading at Mass

  • Special ministers of the Eucharist

  • Counting Collection

  • Cleaning the church

  • Assisting with maintenance of the Church or Parish Property

  • Prayer Groups

  • Flower Arranging


Church and Grounds Care and Maintenance

No items.

Parish Facilities for Hire

No items.

Fundraising Activities

No items.

Parish Ministries

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Social Activities

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