St Bernard's Catholic Parish | Bacchus Marsh
61 Lerderderg Street
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St Bernard's Catholic Church
61 Lerderderg Street, Bacchus Marsh 3340
Fr Fabian Smith, Parish Priest
5367 2069
Tue, Wed, Thu | 9am - 1pm Fri | 10am - 3pm

Parish Team

Our Parish Team

Stewardship Campaign
Please contact the Parish Office if you wish to contribute to the parish or change existing arrangements.
5367 2069
Parish Pastoral Council

James Waters - Chair
Cathy Belcher - Vice Chair
Shane Cook, School Advisory Board
Peter Farren
Moira Ross
Aaron Russell
John Thorne - Council Secretary

Fr Fabian Smith, Parish Priest
Fr Lucas Kyaw Myint, Assistant
Fr Marcus Goulding, Assistant
Emilio Scalzo, School Principal
Parish Office
5367 2069
Ministries for the week
Consult Parish Newsletter
on the Home page.
Rosary Group
Meets each Monday evening
at 7:30pm in St Bernard's church.
Knights of the Southern Cross (KSC)
Meets on the first Monday of
each month in Parish Centre
meeting room at 8:00pm.
Ron Geurts 5367 2242
Senior Parishioners Mass Group
Usually held on the 3rd Friday
of the month in the Parish
Centre at 10:30am.
Everybody is welcome,
not just the seniors.
Elizabeth Lummis 5367 3009
Parish Office
Parish Office hours:

Dolores Turcsan,
Parish Secretary,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
9:00am to 1:00pm.

Naim Chdid,
Sacramental Coordinator
& Bookkeeper
Friday 10:00am to 3:00pm.
5367 2069

Our Schools

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Our Regional Schools

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