St Anne and St Bede
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St Anne's: 55 Windella Avenue, Kew East VIC 3102.
St Bede's: 1 Severn Street, Balwyn North VIC 3104
Fr. Werner Utri
9859 2272
Mon, Tue, Thu – 9am to 1pm


St Anne's Parish History

The original church of the parish of St Anne was built as part of the school, the foundation stone being laid on 10th August 1930, by Archbishop Mannix. The original plans were for this first building to become wholly the school, with a church being built separately at a later date, which is of course what occurred. The first Mass was celebrated on 17th August, by Archbishop Mannix, and the first Parish Priest was Fr T.P. Considine,BA, who was appointed in 1937.

The school commenced in February 1931, with the Sisters of St Joseph in charge. These sisters travelled from East Melbourne each day to teach their young pupils. The Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions came to the parish in 1941 to expand the school into a secondary curriculum, and ran the school until 1975, when a lay principal was appointed.

St Anne's was proclaimed a separate parish in January, 1937, after being originally part of Our Lady of Good Counsel, Deepdene, then being transferred to Sacred Heart, Kew. The first baptism is recorded as being performed on 27th January, 1937. Fr Considine lived at various addresses locally from 1931 to 1937, when 49 Strathalbyn St was bought and refurbished as the presbytery. The present presbytery was built in 1976. The church itself was blessed and opened as the only shrine to the Mother of Our Lady in Melbourne, on 14th April, 1957. It was affiliated with the Archconfraternity of St Anne in Beaupre, Canada, where there have been some marvellous cures of the sick documented. A relic of St Anne is enshrined in the Basilique Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre, and also a reliquery is on perpetual exposition at St Anne's Shrine in East Kew.

A second church was built to accommodate an expansion in the population in the district of North Kew in 1953. Part of the parish of Sacred Heart was transferred to the care of Kew East parish as part of the development. St Joachim's was blessed and opened on 10th May 1953 by Monsignor Fox in the absence of Archbishop Mannix who was ill.

All this building and expansion work was overseen by Fr J. McNamara who replaced Fr Considine in January 1953.The school was completed, the new church built, and St Joachim's planned and built under this energetic man.

Fr Catarinich replaced Fr McNamara in September 1966. He worked and cared for the parish for 26 years, during which time the school was expanded to incorporate a second storey, new administration area, tuck shop and toilet facilities. This work coincided with the 50 year anniversary of the school, and the opening of the extensions was a celebration of that milestone.

A house was purchased in Beresford St, for the school, in order to extend the playground for the children. Both churches were carpeted and heated during this time also.

Fr Catarinich celebrated his Golden Jubilee of Ordination to the Priesthood in 1993, and retired in 1992 from parish life. He has now gone to his eternal reward, his funeral Mass celebrated at St.Anne's on 18th November 2005.

Fr Jack Brady was appointed in June 1992 as Parish Priest. Under his direction a second parcel of land was purchased for the school, and further extensions and upgrading to the school have been carried out. An important era of new growth of the church in Kew East was ushered in by Fr Brady. Under Diocesan guidelines, a Parish Pastoral Council was formed, trained and commissioned in 1996. This facilitates the further growth of active faith in the St Anne's community.

A new master plan for the school was prepared, and construction completed in 2005-6, coinciding with the celebrations for the 75th anniversary of the laying of its foundation stone. The 50th anniversary of the opening of the church was marked by the installation of a new marble altar and the refurbishment of the Sanctuary. The solemn dedication of the Church and the altar took place on 22 April 2007 by the Most Reverend Denis J. Hart D.D., Archbishop of Melbourne. New windows to the Sanctuary were installed at this time, with new windows to the nave installed in 2009. The Our Lady of the Missions Sisters continued their contributions to the Parish until 1993. They were involved in various Pastoral ministries with families, the aged and the sick, and the residents of Kew Cottages. They were also involved with Catechetics and Adult Education, as well as Liturgy and Ecumenical Outreach.

The Holy Spirit Sisters took up residence at Kew East in 1994. They are an international group of women dedicated primarily to making known the presence and action of the Holy Spirit in the lives of all peoples, working in 50 countries throughout the world. They are prepared to go anywhere to spread the Good News of God's love and have a special dedication to making the Holy Spirit known.

In Kew East, the sisters share their community with their sisters from the Asia/Pacific region who are in preparation for further mission work. They are involved in the parish, in catechetics, adult faith and pastoral ministry.

Father Brady retired as parish priest on 28th February 2010, and Father Stuart Moran was installed as Parish Priest by Archbishop Denis Hart D.D. on 6th March 2010.

Since its founding, St Anne's parish has been dynamic, and the new challenges which new times evoke will be met with that same dynamism.

In 2013 St. Anne’s partnered with St. Bede’s Parish. Fr. Werner Utri is Parish Priest and Fr. Linh Pham is Assistant Priest. 

St Bede's History

Our lovely Church completed in 1960 has been beautifully and sensitively refurbished to enhance community participation and to create a sacred place for prayer and liturgy. Our magnificent stained glass windows by the late Alan Summer are a special feature of our Church and were carefully commissioned by our community to express in art the foundations of our faith in Jesus Christ.

The vitality of our parish is reflected in the community celebration of the Eucharist. With careful attention to music, liturgical ministries, symbol and participation we hope all people will feel welcome in our midst.

Our parish team includes our Pastoral Coordinator, Jo Ryan who assists in developing, supporting and forming our community to achieve its vision. Together with our Parish Pastoral Council we endeavour to respond to the mission of the Church and the reality of people’s lives in this time and place.

Our Parish Priest is Fr. Werner Utri and Assistant Priest is Fr. Linh Pham.

To support our community life, care and formation many groups exist to engage and develop members of our community as Christians and disciples of the Good News.

Our Catholic Primary School is known for the quality of education offered to the children of our parish.

In January 2013, St Bede’s began a process of partnering with St. Anne’s Parish East Kew.



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