St Anne and St Bede
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St Anne's: 55 Windella Avenue, Kew East VIC 3102.
St Bede's: 1 Severn Street, Balwyn North VIC 3104
Fr. Werner Utri
9859 2272
Mon, Tue, Thu – 9am to 1pm

Parish Groups

Parish Caring Services

Pre School for St Bede's
Where: Parish Hall, 2 Marwal Avenue Balwyn North 3104
When: Every Monday (except school & public holidays)
Time : 9.15am (or straight after school drop off )—10.15am
BYO: snack and drink for child
Cost : Nil
Pre School for St Anne's
Where: School Hall, 11-17 Beresford St East Kew (enter from school office)
When: Every Monday (except school & public holidays)
Time : 9.15am (or straight after school drop off )—10.15am
BYO: snack and drink for child
Cost : Nil

Church and Grounds Care and Maintenance

Church Cleaning
A team of volunteers supplement the work of professional cleaners . This work is highly valued and enables us to create a clean and welcoming environment for all. In general people are rostered monthly. More volunteers would be appreciated
Church Flower and Cleaning
Contact: Lee Case via Parish Office
We have a dedicated team of volunteers who arrange the flowers each week. This commitment involves the purchase of flowers and consultation with the Liturgy Group when special events and feasts occur

Parish Facilities for Hire

No items.

Fundraising Activities

No items.

Parish Ministries

Contact: Anne West via the Parish Office
St. Bede’s Parish is represented at the Boroondara Deanery which supports parishes in a wider vision of the Archdiocese and to offer faith engagement opportunities as a collective. Events and newsletters are advertised and circulated.
Contact: Parish Office
(Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation): For children not attending the St Bede’s Primary School, classes and activity days are offered by the Parish in preparation for the sacraments of initiation.

Dates for the celebration of the Sacraments are listed on the Parish website. Afternoon classes are held prior to reception of the Sacraments for children who do not attend St. Bede’s Primary School. Enrolment details and policy are available on the website
Children are offered an opportunity to reflect on the Word of God with appropriate language and activities. During school term, children and their leaders gather during the 9.30am Sunday Mass and return at the time of the Offertory.
Communion to the Sick
Jo Ryan
Communion Services are held each week at Eva Tilley Nursing Home. If you would like Holy communion brought to your home or a family member, please contact the Parish Office. Communion to the Sick is provided to parishioners who can no longer travel to Mass each week. This may be a long or short term arrangement.

Social Activities

No items.

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