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St Joseph's
212 Boronia Road, Boronia, 3155
St Bernadette's
1264 Mountain Hwy, The Basin, 3154
Fr. Mirek Knap
(03) 9761 2124
Tue, Wed, Thurs & Friday – 10am to 4pm


Liturgical Ministries

All liturgical ministers are, first and foremost, members of the Body Christ.  Through their baptism they are the “holy people and royal priesthood” whose right and privilege it is to participate in the ministry of Christ.  How the lay faithful exercise this ministry in the world varies, but the fullest and most fundamental expression of it has always been “conscious, active and fruitful participation in the mystery of the Eucharist” 

General Instruction of the Roman Missal



Special Ministers of the Eucharist 
The men and women of this ministry share the Body and Blood of Christ at our liturgies.  The ministers 
are scheduled for the weekend Mass of their choice.  

Lectors and Commentators 
Lectors proclaim the Word of God at daily, holy day and weekend liturgies. Lectors deepen their faith 
through prayer and preparation and communicate that faith to the assembly. 

Computer Programmers 
The computer programmers assist with the Power Point display for the congregation at the weekend 
masses and at special celebrations. 

Music Ministry 
We have a singer at our 8am mass at St Joseph’s and a music group at the 9:30am mass at 
St Bernadette’s. A special choir is held for the Easter and Christmas celebrations.

For further information regarding any of the ministries or volunteering to be a minister at the weekend Masses 
contact the Parish Office:



Please click on link below for your roster.

We thank all our parishioners for the work and services they provide for our parish may they be richly blessed.

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