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St Joseph's
212 Boronia Road, Boronia, 3155
St Bernadette's
1264 Mountain Hwy, The Basin, 3154
Fr. Mirek Knap
(03) 9761 2124
Tue, Wed, Thurs & Friday – 10am to 4pm


Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

 A Journey into Faith.

Those wishing to explore our Catholic Christian Faith or who are wanting to ‘become Catholic’ are invited to speak to someone in the parish about this, speak to Fr. Mirek or Sr. Elisabeth and  be in touch with Sr. Frances Mongan

 A warm welcome  awaits you

  • if you have no faith in particular and just want to inquire and find our something about our faith.

  •  if you are from another faith or Christian Tradition and want to inquire about Catholic faith.

  •  if you are already a baptised catholic but have been away for a while and want to return.

  • if you feel attracted by the spirit of our community.

      Coming to us does not mean you are already committed – you are welcome to come and find whatever information you are looking for.

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