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St Joan of Arc
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St Joan of Arc
118 New Street, Brighton, Vic 3186
St James
73 North Road, Brighton, Vic 3186
Fr. Martin Dixon
(03) 9593 1703
Mon, Tue, Thu – 9am to 1pm

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5th April 2020

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29th March 2020

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22nd March 2020

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Message From Fr Martin


This has been a week like none before: isolation, anxiety, bad news after bad news, depressing, and now this weekend a blast of winter. But I am remembering a week like none other just over 2000 years ago, when Jesus journeyed into Jerusalem with great fanfare and joy. We remember gathering for that meal in the Last Supper room, and the journey from there to the Garden where he was deserted by all his friends. 

The journey to Golgotha for the crucifixion and the darkness of death. The taking of his body for burial. But! We also remember the Resurrection. How do we remember that today? We can look back to the great and joyful days when we could be together for meals and other gatherings. We, however, remember this from our social isolation and the anxiety and darkness this can evoke within us. And we know that friends will die and be buried with hardly a soul present. We are living that same journey as did Jesus, and it sometimes seems hard to recognise the resurrection.

Last Thursday I celebrated the funeral of a close friend of 50 years. It was hard to see just 10 people there – her immediate family – to mourn when she would have filled the church. Yet as we gathered we remembered the joyful times, the meal times, the family gathering times, all those special moments that make family. The Mass was a faith-filled event which gives us hope. As they lowered the body into the grave they played her favourite song: “Party Girl”. Irreverent? No, it was her song. Although we could not party, we all had the faith to know that she joined her husband in eternal life, and she was a person near to God who could intercede for us. That’s the faith that leads us through this time in our week of journeying, a journey of faith and hope.

Let’s pray for that Jesus will awaken in us that faith and hope. That we will hold it as he did that week so long ago, and so come to the resurrection.

Martin. P.S. Stay safe and sane.


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