St Finbar's Brighton East Parish
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St Finbar's
86 Centre Road, Brighton East, VIC 3187
Fr Ian Ranson
9593 2122

Parish News

Parish Roster September 2017

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Parish Roster August 2017

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2017 Money Counters Roster

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Brighton Covenant of Churches

St Finbars is now a member church of this Christian community in the Brighton area - see calendar of 2014 events


Parish Newsletters

Parish News 17 September

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Parish News 10 September

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Parish News 3 Sep 2017

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Parish News 27 August

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Welcome to St Finbar's Catholic Church East Brighton

Upcoming Events

Sacramental Calendar 2017

Children who don't attend the parish primary school are invited to celebrate the sacraments of First Reconciliation (usually yr 3, First Eucharist (usually yr 4) and Confirmation (usually yr 6) at St Finbar's. Please contact the parish office if you are interested in enrolling your child/ren in the Sacramental Program.

First Reconciliation for children who don't attend the parish primary school has closed for 2017. Please contact the Parish Office to enrol your child for 2018.

Confirmation was held on the 4th and 6th August this year. Please contact the Parish Office to enquire or enrol for 2018.

First Eucharist (parish) Masses will be held on Sat 28 Oct at 6pm or Sun 29 Oct at 11am, lessons will begin in August.

Brighton East Parish
90 Centre Road
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