St Finbar's Brighton East Parish
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St Finbar's
86 Centre Road, Brighton East, VIC 3187
Fr Ian Ranson
9593 2122

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Welcome to St Finbar's Catholic Church East Brighton

Plenary Council Submission

Please feel free to download a copy of the Plenary Council Submission from our parish.

See to the left under 'Parish News'.

These notes have been submitted to the Plenary council.

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Upcoming Events

Sacramental Calendar 2019

Children who don't attend the parish primary school are invited to celebrate the sacraments at St Finbar's.  Students usually (but not always) celebrate:

  • First Reconciliation in yr 3 - on Wed 29 May; lessons will begin in April
  • First Eucharist in yr 4 - on 22 & 24 October; lessons begin in August
  • Confirmation in yr 6 - on 7 & 9 August; lessons begin in June

To prepare for each Sacrament, students will need to attend:

  • 5-7 after-school lessons in the church
  • A commitment Mass
  • A family faith night
  • A practice morning on a normal school day
  • The ceremony

Please contact the parish office on or 9593 2122 if you would like to enrol your child/ren in the Sacramental Program. Please note, lesson days have not been finalised for 2019 at this stage.

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