St Dominic's Camberwell East Parish
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St Dominic's Parish
816 Riversdale Road, Camberwell, Vic 3124
Fr Peter Toan Nguyen OP
(03) 9912 6870
Mon - Thurs: 9am - 12 noon & 1pm - 4pm; Fri 9am - 1pm

Parish News

St Dominic's Annual Newsletter

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Parish Newsletters

The Dominican -this week

The Dominican newsletter

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The Dominican -last week

The Domincan newsletter

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Child Safe Parish

St Dominic's is a Child Safe Parish.
Building a Child Safe environment at the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne.
"We are now creating a new era in our Church where the welfare of children and
other vulnerable people is being put centremost in all of the decisions that we make.
                                                                          Archbishop Denis Hart

Car Park Resurfacing

The car park behind the church is going to be resurfaced this week

, on Thursday 24 and Friday 25 May 2018. This will involve the laying of a new coat of asphalt over the entire surface of the car park. This means that the car park will be closed all day on Friday.

It should only take one day to complete the work, and then it can be driven on almost immediately. The line marking cannot be done immediately as it needs to wait a couple of weeks for the asphalt to settle. While this is happening the car park will be open, but parishioners who choose to use the car park will need to exercise great care when parking as there will not be any line markings.

Upcoming Events

St Dominic's Youth Camberwell - SDYC


NEXT LUMEN - Friday the 1st of June 

is our next High Schoolers LUMEN Event 

at the Parish Centre. 6-8:30pm 

please e-mail any dietary requirements to


Go like our Facebook page for youth and young adults!

Donations to Dominican Mission to Solomon Islands & PNG

If you would like to make a donation to the Dominican Fathers Mission to the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea you can now do so through the GiveNow website, just click on the Link below:

Dominican Fathers Retirement & Sickness Fund

If you would like to help support Domincan priests and brothers who fall ill or are in retirement you can now do so through the GiveNow website, just click on the Link below:
St Dominic's Church
816 Riversdale Rd
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