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St. Andrew's Parish
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St Andrew's
76 Springs Road, Clayton South, Vic 3169
Fr. Shanthaiah Marneni
(03) 9551 5666
Mon, Tue, Thu – 9am to 1pm

Parish Team

Our Parish Team

Office Hours
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - 10am to 3pm
Phone no. 9551 5666
Parish e-mail
Pastoral Associate
Kathie Martin
9551 5666
Finance & Thanksgiving
Jackie Hendricks
9551 5666
Parish Secretary
Linda De Souza
9551 5666
Youth Team
Harold Lynch
9551 5666

Our Schools

Principal - St. Andrew's
Mr. Philip Tierney
9551 5094
Deputy Principal - St. Andrew's
Mrs. Rachele Oliver
9551 5094

Our Regional Schools

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