St Paul's Catholic Church Coburg Parish
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St Paul's Catholic Church Coburg Parish
562 Sydney Road, Coburg, Vic 3058
Fr. James Puppady
(03) 9354 1564
Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri – 9.30am-3pm

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Ascension of the Lord Year A

Sunday 21st May 2023

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4th Sunday of Easter Year A

Sunday 30th April 2023

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3rd Sunday of Easter Year A

Sunday 23rd April 2023

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Easter Sunday Year A

Sunday 9th April 2023

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PASCOE VALE: 10am-10.30am,COBURG 7.15pm

First Friday of the Month: 11-12pm COBURG

Tues-Friday – After 10.15am mass COBURG (upon request)



Saturday Vigil:  6.30PM

Sunday: 9AM English

10.30AM Italian

Weekday Masses:

COBURG: Wednesday & Friday 10am

PASCOE VALE: Tuesday & Thursday 10am

       MESSAGE FROM FR. JAMES PUPPADY. 16th September 2021



My dear Parishioners

of St. Oliver Plunkett, Pascoe Vale and St. Paul's, Coburg.


"For I have come down from heaven not to do my will but to do the will of him who sent me" Jn. 6:38.


The 25th Sunday scripture readings invite us to become great in the sight of God by doing God's will as Jesus did, surrendering our lives to Him in the service of others.   A messianic prophecy like the "Suffering Servant" prophecy in Isaiah referring to Christ's passion.  It urges us to choose the path of righteousness despite painful consequences.  St. James also warns us that selfish ambitions destroy peace and cause conflicts and war.  So, he advices us to choose the path of righteousness and humble service which leads to lasting peace.  Jesus taught us to do the selfless service to the poor, needy and marginalized.  So Jesus  teaches his apostles that child-like humility and selfless service make one great in the eyes of God.


Dear friends, now we are on the journey of "TAKE THE WAY OF THE GOSPEL" MISSON.

This mission focuses specifically on the realities of our local Church here in the Archdiocese of Melbourne at a pastoral, spiritual and practical level.  It's about how we might work together co-operatively with the priests and people of the Archdiocese in strengthening and reinvigorating our parish communities as well as more effectively reaching out with missionary enthusiasm to the communities in which we live.


At present I am looking after two parishes and everything is going on well. Now the future mission is on the way in our area.  So I would like to invite both parishioners who would like to be the part of a discerning process for our parishes’ mission to come forward.  You can read in detail from the website and reflect in different ways about our future faith and community relationship. The parish Resource pack is available at this link:


It is very unfortunate that because of the COVID lockdowns we are unable to meet in person to discuss the future of our parishes and how it will affect our people.  Without any proper discussion with my parishioners, we will not proceed with any future decisions or report.  At present we have two committees, one representative from both parishes.  We are participating in Zoom meetings and would like to know your valuable suggestions and visions regarding this mission process.  In the future you can also join in the groups.  So if you would like to express your opinion or participate in this procedure please respond by email: or phone 03 7036 9330. or phone 03 9354 1564.


Hope this message will help you towards our journey "TAKE THE WAY OF THE GOSPEL" MISSION. You are all in my daily Mass and prayers.  Keep well and healthy.  Stay safe.  God will bless us soon to come together and worship Him as a one family.  God bless you and your family.


Fr. James Puppady. PP. Pascoe vale and Coburg.



My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

"If God is for us, who can be against us?"

The fact that we suffer, though, does not mean that God is not with us or for us. He is always with us in this difficult situation. In light of that fact God foreknew us, predestined us, called us, justified us, and will glorify us. So God must be for us. God must be for all of us who are in Christ by faith.  Remember the one, true God, the creator of all things, is for us, who could be ever possibly be against us? Have this great faith and courage in this time. These words are giving us great courage and confidence to move forward.

I completed two months in these two parishes. When I arrived it was lockdown and opened for few weeks, I could say Mass in both parishes. During those weeks, we could organize my installation ceremony. Then the second lockdown came and one week opened and 3rd lockdown announced for one month. It is really a difficult situation. But we have to accept this reality. We must be grateful to God for his kindness and protecting us from this pandemic. We have to remember so many people are working hard to save the life of others. Let us pray  and support them. The world is very crazy. This pandemic is going on all over the world, as well as many other natural calamities taking place like, flood, Erath quick, war, fire and so on. So we have to pray to God to save us from all these disasters and it will happen. 

Even though I am not able meet you in person, you all are in my prayers. When I offer my daily Mass and prayers, you all are remembered and my prayers are always with you.  Because of this lockdown, I could not meet you all personally to know you and I don't have your numbers to call you too. Still my thoughts and prayers are always with you. Hope we will meet soon after this lockdown. Then we can worship God together under one roof.

I thank each and everyone of you for your concern, support and prayers for me. Let us pray each other for our own good health and for the good health of others. Pray for our children in a special way, so that they may find joy and happiness in this difficult time. May The almighty God bless you and your family.

Yours faithfully in Christ.

Fr. James Puppady. PP

Pascoe Vale and Coburg.




PASCOE VALE: 10am-10.30am,COBURG 7.15pm

First Friday of the Month: 11-12pm COBURG

Tues-Friday – After 10.15am mass COBURG (upon request)



FROM 12th JUNE: Sat Vigil:  6.30PM

FROM 15th JUNE: Weekday Masses:

Tues-Fri: 10.15AM



There is also the opportunity for cashless online payments via CDF Pay for Parishes online payment portal.  This site enables you to make quick and easy online thanksgiving payments.

The St Paul’s Catholic Church, Coburg site is live and can be found via this link:


There is the opportunity for cashless online payments via CDF Pay for Parishes online payment portal.


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 Presbytery A/C

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 Thank you for your continued support of the parish during this difficult time.