St. Peter Chanel Parish - Deer Park
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848 Ballarat Road,
Deer Park, Victoria 3023
Fr. Filemon Libot CMF
(03) 9363 3132
Tuesday - Friday – 9am to 3pm



Welcome to St. Peter Chanel's Parish. Our parish is a vibrant parish made up of people from many different nationalities. We have a strong emphasis on the Sacraments with particular devotion to the Holy Eucharist and Mary, the Mother of God. As well as Sunday Masses, the Eucharist is celebrated in our parish every weekday with two Masses - 8am and 7pm. Confession is available for 30 minutes before each Mass. Devotions include a Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help on Wednesdays at 7pm as well as Saturday morning at 9.30am. The Holy Rosary is recited 30 minutes before each weekday Mass and Morning Prayer (Divine Office) before morning Mass on weekdays. Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament is held every Wednesday evening after Mass and Saturday morning after Mass. 

Our Church is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is made possible by our Perpetual Adoration Chapel. Opened in 2005 (the Year of the Eucharist) the Chapel is accessible 24 hours a day for people to come and spend some quiet time with the Lord. There are rostered adorers for each hour. 






Our Patron Saint

St Peter Chanel


Peter Chanel was born in 1803 in the hamlet of La Potière in France. He was the fifth of eight children. From about the age of 7 to 12 he worked as a shepherd. The local parish priest persuaded his parents to allow Peter to attend a small school the priest had started. His piety and intelligence soon attracted the attention of a visiting priest, Fr. Trompier, and he was put into Church-sponsored education at Cras in 1814. He made his first communion on 23 March 1817.

It was from that time that his attraction for the missions abroad began. His interest was the result of reading letters from missionaries sent back by Bishop DuBourg from America. He later said, "It was that year that I formed the idea of going to the foreign missions." In 1819 he entered the minor seminary where he won several awards and class prizes in Latin, Christian doctrine and speech and in 1824 attended the major seminary.

He was ordained on 15 July 1827 and spent a brief time as an assistant priest in There he met Claude Bret, who was to become his friend and also one of the first Marist Missionaries. The following year, Chanel applied to the Bishop for permission to go to the missions. His application was not accepted and instead he was appointed for the next three years as parish priest of the parish of Crozet, which he revitalized in a short time.

His zeal was widely respected, and his care, particularly of those in the parish that were sick, won the hearts of the locals. During this time, Chanel heard of a group of Diocesan Priests who were hopeful of starting a religious order to be dedicated to Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

Marist and missionary

In 1831, at the age of twenty-eight, Peter Chanel joined the new Society of Mary (Marists who would concentrate on missionary work. Instead of selecting him as a missionary, however, the Marists used his talents as the spiritual director at the Seminary of Belley, where he stayed for five years. In 1836, the Marists were asked to send missionaries to the South West Pacific Islands. Peter Chanel was made the superior of a group of seven Marist missionaries that set out on 24 December from Le Havre.

Peter Chanel and a lay brother arrived on the island of Futuna on 8 November 1837.

At first they were well received by Futuna's king, Niuliki. Fr. Peter struggled to learn the language and mastered it. Despite little apparent success and severe want, he maintained endless patience and courage. It was a difficult mission, coping with isolation, different foods and customs. Eventually a few natives were baptized while a few more were being instructed. King Niuliki believed that Christianity would undermine his authority as high priest and king. When his son, Meitala, sought to be baptized, the king sent his son-in-law, Musumusu, a warrior, to "do whatever was necessary" to resolve the problem. Musumusu initially went to the king’s son, Meitala and the two fought. Musumusu, injured in the fight went to Fr. Peter Chanel pretending to need medical attention. While Fr. Chanel tended him, a group of others ransacked his house. Musumusu then took an axe and clubbed Peter Chanel to death. He died on April 28, 1841.

Eventually, most on the island converted to Catholicism. Musumusu himself converted and, as he lay dying, expressed the desire that he be buried outside the church at Poi, so that those who came to revere Peter Chanel in the Church would walk over his grave to get to it.

Chanel was declared a martyr and beatified in 1889.[6] He was canonized on 12 June 1954 by Pope Pius XII St Peter Chanel is recognized as the protomartyr and Patron Saint of Oceania. His feast day is 28 April.


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St Peter Chanel Parish
848 Ballarat Road
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