St Gregory's Doncaster Parish
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St Gregory the Great
71 Williamsons Road, Doncaster, Vic 3108
Rev Mons. Anthony J Ireland STD EV PP
(03) 9412 8425
Tuesday-Friday – 9.30am-4.00pm

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28 October 2018

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Parish Newsletter

21 October 2018

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Parish Newsletter

14 October 2018

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Parish Newsletter

7 October 2018

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Welcome to St Gregory's the Great Doncaster

Upcoming Events



Parish BBQ - Sunday 27th Oct 2019

All parishioners and friends are warmly invited to a Parish BBQ after the 10.30am Mass next Sunday 27th October, in the BBQ area of the school.

For catering purposes please put your name on the sign-up sheets on the table at the back of the church, if you are intending to come along......

71 Williamsons Road, Doncaster, Vic 3108
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