St Brigid's Catholic Parish Gisborne
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St Brigid's
66 Aitken Street
Gisborne Vic 3437
Fr. Vincent Nguyen
(03) 5428 2591
Parish Secretary: Tammie Dalgleish Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 9am - 5pm

Parish Groups

Parish Caring Services

Visitation to the Sick
Kevin Petherbridge
Tel: 0412 192 966
Child Safety Officer
Tammie Dalgleish
Tel: 5428 2591

Church and Grounds Care and Maintenance

No items.

Parish Facilities for Hire

Parish Hall
Parish Office
Tel: 5428 2591

Fundraising Activities

Thanksgiving Campaign
Parish Office
Tel: 5428 2591
Parish Accountant
Michelle O'Gorman
Parish Finance Committee
Mr. Tony Wilson (Chairperson)

Parish Ministries

Parish Office

Usually the 4th Sundays of the month at 12 noon at
St Brigid's Church

Baptismal Preparation
1st Wednesday of the month
7.30 - 8.30pm
Tel: 5428 2591
Sacramental Catechetical Program for children attending Government and Independent Schools
Catechist Co-ordinator:

Enrolments: Kevin Petherbridge
Tel: 0412 192 966

PLEASE NOTE: All enrolments for ALL Sacraments MUST be finalised by 21st February 2024
Parish Office

(6 months notice required)
Tel: 5428 2591
Directors of Music
St Brigid's 6.00pm
Joe Farrugia

St Patrick's 9.30am
Rebekah Vandenberg
St Brigid's
6.00pm (Lynne Scott)
11.00am (Kathy page)

St Ambrose
8.00am (Carolyn Peterson)

St Patrick's
9.30am (Bernie Stanchinotti)
Liturgy Team
Co-ordinator: Joe Farrugia
Celebrating Faith
Parish Office

Ministry of the Word
Ministry of the Eucharist
Flower Roster
Church cleaning
Tel: 5428 2591
Education and Faith
Parish Office

St Brigid's and Holy Cross Schools
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
Sacramental Programs
Lenten Faith sharing Group

Tel: 5428 2591
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
First Friday of the month after 9.15am Mass

Social Activities

Special Activities
Neville Spiers - Co-ordinator
Neville Spiers - Chairperson
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