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St. Mary's - Greensborough
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204 Grimshaw Street, Greensborough, Vic, 3088
Partner Parish with Diamond Creek & Greensborough North
Fr. Steven Rigo
03 9435 1543
Monday to Friday - 10:00am to 4:00pm


History of St. Mary's Greensborough

The land on which our Parish church and school resides now was originally owned by Mrs Edith Santon. She did not want it sold and subdivided. The first Masses were held in the original Santon homestead in 1952. The house was later to be used as the Presbytery until about 1970.

In 1954 work commenced on five school buildings and completed and officially opened in 1955 by Archbishop Daniel Mannix. The builder was W.D. Henderson. Construction of our church commenced in 1971 from a design by Architect Max Chester. The Builder was H.F. Yunken of Richmond.

Our church was officially opened and blessed on 27th October 1971 by the Most Reverend James Robert Knox. The new extension to the front, Gathering Space, of the church was completed in 2011.

The first Parish Priest of St. Mary’s was Fr. Thomas Ashe, formally Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Diamond Creek, appointed in 1952 and he remained with our community until 1971. He was followed by Fr. James (Jim) Kierce who faithfully served the community of St. Mary’s until his retirement in 2003. He later passed away in 2017 with his funeral service being celebrated at St. Mary’s and attended by many of his loyal parishioners.

In 2003 Fr. Steven Rigo was appointed as Parish Priest where he has remained up until the present day continuing to build on the foundations laid by Fr’s. Ashe and Kierce.

In January 2017, on the request of Archbishop Hart, Fr. Michael McEntee (the Parish Priest at that time of the Partner Parishes St. Thomas Greensborough North & Sacred Heart Diamond Creek) was appointed as Parish Priest of Mentone/Parkdale. The parishes of Diamond Creek and Greensborough North were then partnered with the Parish of St. Mary's Greensborough with Fr. Steven appointed as Parish Priest of all three parishes. At the same time Fr. Dong Tran and Fr. Tao Pham were appointed as Assistant Priests to Fr. Steven.


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