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204 Grimshaw Street, Greensborough, Vic, 3088
Partner Parish with Diamond Creek & Greensborough North
Fr. Steven Rigo
03 9435 1543
Monday to Friday - 10:00am to 4:00pm

Parish News

AGM 2018 Combined Reports

16th April

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Ecumenical Stations of the Cross Reflection 2018

Jacinta Bright

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Easter Vigil Homily 2018

Fr. Steve

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Good Friday Homily 2018

Fr. Steve

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Parish Newsletters

Parish Conversation

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2018 AGM Agenda

16 April 2018

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Parish Bulletin W/E 15/04/2018

Third Sunday of Easter

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Parish Bulletin W/E 08/04/2018

Second Sunday of Easter

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Vision Statement

"To be a Vibrant Christian Community

Engaging with the World."

St Mary’s Parish acknowledges the Wurundjeri people who are the traditional custodians
of our Parish land and we pay respect to the Elders past and present.


The Eucharist is referred to as the "source and summit" of the Church's life and therefore the life of all its members. In listening to the Word of God and through being nourished by God's life in the Eucharist, we become increasingly who God calls us to be and effectively, who we really want to become. The regular celebration of the Eucharist is essential for the life of the Catholic community in order for its members to live out their faith in daily lives. We also are enabled to clarify our identity as Catholics by our participation in the Eucharistic celebration of the community of the parish. As a family reinforces its own identity and that of its members whenever it celebrates events that are important in the life of that family, so the parish community reinforces its identity as Christ's body and affirms all participants in the gathering of the parish Eucharist.   

Weekday Mass is celebrated each Tuesday to Friday, at St. Mary's Church. On Mondays the community at St Mary's gathers to celebrate the Liturgy of the Word.

Weekday Mass is celebrated on alternate days at St. Thomas the Apostle and Sacred Heart Churches from Tuesday to Friday. 

Saturday Vigil Mass is celebrated weekly at St. Mary's and St. Thomas the Apostle Churches as well as on the first Saturday of each month only at St. Peter's Church Hurstbridge. Sunday Mass is celebrated at St. Mary's, Sacred Heart and at St. Thomas the Apostle churches.

For information on commencement times of all Masses please click here.

For those unable to physically attend Mass but still wish to celebrate this gift the 1.00 p.m Mass from St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne is streamed live daily (Mon - Fri) and is then available as a recording on demand until one hour prior to the next 1.00 p.m Mass. On Sundays, the 11.00am Mass is streamed live and is also available as a recording on demand.

To view the Live Stream of Mass or to watch an earlier recording please click here.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is one of the Church's sacraments of Healing. It affirms the truth that God loves us without fail and forgives us  before we even recognise our need to be forgiven. God's love for us is expressed in mercy, compassion and forgiveness.

St. Mary's: Each Saturday at 9:00am and 5:45pm.

Sacred Heart: Each Friday from 9:45am to 10:15am, immediately after morning Mass.

St Thomas the Apostle:  Each Saturday from 9:30am to 10:00am

Available at other times by appointment.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament:
Available at St. Mary’s Church on the 1st & 3rd Friday of the month from 10.00am to 9.00pm, starting at 11.00am when there is no Mass, as well as  every 2nd, 4th and 5th Friday of the month from 8.00am to 9.00am. Also, If you are in need of a little "me time" and want an opportunity to meditate and contemplate with Our Lord the Eucharistic Chapel at St. Thomas is available for you at all times. If you would like to gain access to the Chapel please feel fee to see the Priest after Mass or contact the Greensborough North Parish Office.

Baptism is the sacrament that begins the initiation process. Just as you welcome a child into your family and begin the process of their development, so, in Baptism, you give thanks for the gift of your child and ask that he or she be welcomed into the wider family - the Catholic Church and more specifically, the parish into which the child is baptised.

Baptisms are available on the 2nd & 3rd Sunday of each month commencing at 11.30am. Please see our one of our priests to make the necessary arrangements after any Mass on Sunday or Saturday evening, alternatively, please feel free to contact the Parish Office during normal Parish hours or send our Parish Secretaries an email at:,au  Families will also be invited to attend a preparation meeting held prior to their child's baptism.

Marriage is a Sacrament in which we most clearly participate in the creative power of God's love - made obvious in the children that are born of of that relationship, but primarily in the creative love that enables the development of the other person.

If you wish to be married at St Mary's church, you are requested to book at least six months ahead. Please note: Sunday weddings are unable to be booked due to the number of liturgies already scheduled. We are grateful for any donations made for the use of the church and towards ongoing pastoral needs. If you would like Fr Steven or Fr Dong to be the celebrant for the wedding, please arrange to speak with them personally. 

For further information contact the Parish Office to obtain a copy of our information brochure – Marriages in St Mary’s Church

We understand that the death of a family member is a very emotional and distressing time for all family members. Funeral arrangements are made in consultation between the Parish, the Family and Funeral Director.  A vigil or rosary can be conducted by a group of volunteers from St Mary’s and may be arranged either through the Funeral Director, Fr Steven or by contacting our parish representative.  For additional information please contact the Parish Office.

Wedding Anniversaries:
On the last weekend of each month, couples who have celebrated a wedding anniversary during that month will be invited to receive a blessing at each Mass.

The Partnered Parishes of:

St. Mary's Greensborough

Sacred Heart Diamond Creek

St. Thomas the Apostle Greensborough North

Are members of the Diamond Valley Deanery


Working With Children Checks

It is now required under State Legislation that any person who participates in either paid or voluntary work in the Parish or for the Parish is required to obtain a Working With Children Check. We kindly ask that everyone please fulfill this requirement as legally required. A “W.W.C.C.” for volunteers is Free of Charge and can be applied for online and finalized at any Australian Post Office outlet. If you are having problems please contact the Parish Office.

The Archdiocese's detailed “W.W.C.C.” protocol is available at:

To apply for your "W.W.C.C." please click here.

Fr Steven's Easter Message

Dear Parishioners of St Mary’s, 
As I reflect on the joy of Easter, I am also brought down to earth by the road that leads us there. The new life that Easter promises only comes after the experience of death. I think sometimes in our lives we do everything we can to avoid ‘death’ experiences because they are so painful. These can come upon us in a number of ways – in the grief we suffer when someone we love dies; or through the contemplation of our own deaths as we may go through serious illness; or as a result of a breakdown of important relationships; or through the loss of employment; or as a consequence of any failures in our goals for life. It is natural that we feel loss and grief and a sense of brokenness; any sense of a bright light eludes us at those times. Of course we would want to avoid these experiences, but the fact is that they break in on our lives and often when we least expect them. We can dull the pain, and many do, and we can try to escape, but we can’t run away from ourselves and have to eventually come back to deal with the ‘death’ experience. 
We must never forget that Easter is God’s work and power over death – both over that of Jesus on Good Friday, but also over all our own ‘good Fridays’ – our own death experiences that assail us. Easter then becomes for us also a joyous experience when we are made aware of the way God has ‘saved’ us and brought new possibilities into our lives that are life-giving, when we haven’t expected them. If you look back on your life, you may see how it has not been just simply good fortune or coincidence that something new and wonderful has sprung forth from where there was only disaster before. This is God’s work and this is where we can experience his healing love. 
In between the death and resurrection is the empty tomb of Holy Saturday – the emptiness that comes after the death experience – even in our own lives. The darkness of the empty tomb resonates with me at this time because I am experiencing the ‘dying’ of the Church and I know that much of what we’ve known and experienced of the church is going to die, some of its elements in the way we have behaved as church needs to die. 
I’m not just referring to the perpetrators of crimes, those who have abused children, but all this has exposed the way the church has abused its power over people. 
The problem is not individuals but is systemic and some of the structures that have protected the church need to die. The Royal Commission’s findings and recommendations can be for us the cross that can become eventually the seedbed for new life. The empty tomb in the meantime, for us is the dark place where we are brought to our knees and humbled and have to listen to the voice of the risen Christ who calls us to find life by enabling his Spirit to breathe new life into us to discern new ways of being Church. 
Mary Magdalene, plays an important role in the gospel accounts of the resurrection; she was obviously a significant follower of Jesus, being named as a witness to the crucifixion, discovering the empty tomb and the first to encounter the risen Christ; the first also to proclaim his resurrection to the other disciples. She recognized the risen Christ because she loved him and was so close to him in life. It is to this love of Christ that we as Church need to be drawn again and recognize how we too are called to be always authentic messengers of the Good News of new life. 
As Parish Faith communities we gather during this time because we believe: that grave injustice has been set right – and can be set right again and again; that deadly violence has been healed – and can 
be healed again and again; that Death has been done to death – and can be done to death again and again, because the Son has risen. 
I invite you to celebrate our faith in the resurrection at the Easter ceremonies, beginning with Holy Thursday, through Good Friday to Easter Sunday, as a people of hope for new life for ourselves as individuals who struggle with the complexities of our lives, for the Church, that it may be born anew to be true to its mission of being the instrument of God’s love to all, and for the world in its international relations that we may be empowered to further peace and justice. 
I pray that you all experience the joy and new life of Easter and that you have a safe and revitalizing holiday with family and friends. 
Sincerely yours, 
Fr Steven Rigo 

Upcoming Events & Information

Catholic Grandparents Group

Meets 2nd Tuesday of each month at 10:00am in the Parish House. Anyone wanting to pray for our children and youth are warmly invited to come along to pray and support one another, non-grandparents also welcome.
For more information please contact the Parish Office.

Fairfax Article

"IN RESPONSE TO CRITICISMS ADDRESSED AGAINST THE CHURCH in The Age over the last week, a clarification of the financial status of the Church in Australia is given by Francis Moore, the Executive Director of Administration.

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