St. Thomas the Apostle - Greensborough North
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251 Diamond Creek Road, Greensborough North Vic 3088
Partner Parish with Diamond Creek & Greensborough
Fr. Steven Rigo
03 9434 7373
Monday Closed Tuesday to Friday - 8.30am to 3:00pm

Newsletters & Homilies

Fr Steven Rigo

Australia Day Homily

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Fr Steven Rigo

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Homily

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24th January 2021

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Fr Steven Rigo

2nd Sunday in Ordinary time Homily

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30th January - 27th June 2021

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30th January 27th June 2021

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31st January -31st October 2021

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February-December 2021

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Parish Information


Mass for you at Home:

Father Steven is now recording Sunday Mass from St. Mary's Greensborough for all those who would like some Spiritual nourishment during this time of self isolation due to Covid-19. If you would like to view Mass for this weekend please click on the image below:

Plenary Council 2020:


As you may already know, the Discernment Papers relating to the six Themes for the Plenary Council are now available for you to view at were worked from what was submitted by all Listening Dialogue and Discernment groups that met in each of the Parishes around Australia, including our own. As a first step forward, The facilitator groups from the three parishes have agreed to start working on initiatives based on local ideas relating to our parishes which came from our parishioners during previous Plenary discussions . If you wish to access these initiatives, and a summary and index for the Discernment Papers, you can request them from your parish office. We will keep you posted on progress and look forward to your input and involvement as things develop. The Facilitator Group

If you would like to read our recommendations please click here.

Holy Mass:
Holy Mass is the miracle of God’s physical presence to us and is a true testament of Jesus' love for us and His desire for each of us to have a personal relationship with Him. This Truly wonderful gift is celebrated at 9:15am Tuesday to Friday alternating at St. Thomas the Apostle or Sacred Heart Churches and each day at St. Mary's Church.

The Saturday Vigil Mass is celebrated weekly at St. Thomas the Apostle and St. Mary's Churches as well as on the first & third Saturday of each month only at St. Peter's Church Hurstbridge. Sunday Mass is celebrated at St. Thomas the Apostle, Sacred Heart and St. Mary's churches. Wherever you decide to celebrate Mass with us you will be warmly welcomed by all our Parishioners and Clergy and made to feel at home.

For information on commencement times of all Masses please click here.

For those unable to physically attend Mass but still wish to celebrate this gift the 1:00 p.m Mass from St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne is streamed live daily (Mon - Fri) and is then available as a recording on demand until one hour prior to the next 1.00 p.m Mass. On Sundays, the 11:00am Mass is streamed live and is also available as a recording on demand.

To Live Stream Mass or to watch an earlier recording please click here.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is one of the most unique and beautiful aspects of Catholic Church. Our Lord Jesus Christ, in His abundant love and mercy, established this Sacrament of Healing so that we as fallible human beings can obtain forgiveness  and be reconciled to the Father and the Church. This precious gift from Christ “washes us clean,” and renews us in Him. Take a step in faith, you may be surprised about how free and loved you feel afterwards.

St Thomas the Apostle:  Each Saturday from 9:30am to 10:00am
Sacred Heart: Each Friday from 9:45am to 10:15am, immediately after morning Mass.
St. Mary's: Each Saturday at 9:00am and 5:45pm.
Available at other times by appointment.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament:

If you are in need of a little "me time" and want an opportunity to meditate and contemplate with Our Lord the Eucharistic Chapel at St. Thomas is available for you at all times. If you would like to gain access to the Chapel please feel fee to see the Priest after Mass or contact our Parish Office.

Baptism is the basis of the whole Christian life, the gateway to life in the Spirit and the door which gives access to the other sacraments. Through Baptism we are freed from sin and reborn as children of God and are made members of the Church and sharers in its mission. Baptisms are available on the 4th Sunday of each Month commencing at 12:00pm sharp. You will first meet with the friendly Baptismal Preparation Group who will welcome you into the Parish and explain all aspects of the Sacrament. This meeting is held on either the 1st or 2nd Tuesday of the month in the Church at 7:00pm sharp. The Right of Welcome occurs at Mass on either the Saturday or Sunday immediately following the Preparation Meeting where all the Baptism families will be warmly welcomed into our Parish Community.
To make a booking please feel free to click here and download an application form or alternatively you are welcome to contact the Parish Office during normal Parish hours or send our Parish Secretaries an email at:,au

Family Catechetics Program for Children:
St. Thomas' provides a Family Catechetics Program for children who are unable attend a Catholic Primary School. This is a four year Sacrament Program commencing with Reconciliation for Grade 2 children and older, followed by First Eucharist with Confirmation, the gift of the Spirit, during the final two years. The program sessions are held each Thursday in the St. Thomas Parish House. Your child will be made to feel most welcome and will be instructed by a qualified primary school teacher. The children will also celebrate their sacraments each year with the children of St. Thomas Primary School were possible.

Please be assured that all our teachers meet the Archdiocese’s Child Safety requirements and hold a current and valid Working with Children Check. For any additional information regarding next year’s sessions please feel free to call our Parish Office or Email: stth

For information and Enrolment forms for 2020 program please click here

The Way Prayer Group:
The Way, is a 'Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group' within our Parish that emphasises on the many, already God given Gifts of the Holy Spirit in the life of every believer and the need to establish a personal relationship with God, through His Son Jesus Christ, in order to live life to the full.

group meets every Thursday evening  in the Parish House Meeting Room at 8:00pm Every third Thursday of the month, a 'Charismatic Mass' is celebrated commencing at 7:30pm.  All are most welcome to come along.

Marriage between two Christians is a living sign of God's love and has a deep value, both as a human relationship and as a sacrament. Because of this, the whole Church views marriage as an active element in its mission of showing God's love to the world. We would suggest if you wish to celebrate your wedding at St. Thomas that you book at least six months in advance of your planned date.
Please contact your priest or our Parish Office before agreeing to a commercial 'package' that includes Chapel & Reception or email us at:

We understand that the death of a family member is a very emotional and distressing time for all family members. At St Thomas our Parish staff is here to assist you, including the preparation of everything needed for the funeral liturgy. Also, if you are looking for someone to chat to our Funeral Ministry Team is available to lend an ear during your time of need. Ask your funeral director to contact the Parish office. Out of office hours, the Parish Priest will take the call.

Wedding Anniversaries:
The Parish will be glad to acknowledge your anniversary during Mass. Please contact Parish Office to make arrangements.

The Partnered Parishes of:

St. Thomas the Apostle Greensborough North,

Sacred Heart Diamond Creek, 

St. Mary's Greensborough

are members of the Diamond Valley Deanery


Safeguarding Policies:

At St Thomas Parish we hold the care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people as a central and fundamental responsibility of our parish. All children have the right to feel safe and protected from all forms of abuse and neglect. The care, safety, wellbeing and dignity of children and young people are integral parts of the teachings and values of the Catholic Church. St Thomas has an unequivocal commitment to fostering the dignity, self-esteem and integrity of children and young people and providing them with a safe, supportive and enriching environment to develop spiritually, physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.
Our Child Safety Policy, Child Code of Conduct and associated policies and procedures have a specific focus on safeguarding children and young people at St Thomas Parish, against sexual, physical, psychological and emotional abuse or neglect. For this reason we have policies and associated documents which aim to keep children safe from harm, including all forms of abuse in our parish environment, on site, online and in other locations used by the parish.
Go to the Policies tab for resources supporting child safety at St Thomas Parish. If you see something that concerns you, please contact our Child Safety Officer, Priest or Parish Secretary at or call 9434 7373.

Working with Children Checks:

It is now required under State Legislation that any person who participates in either paid or voluntary work in the Parish or for the Parish is required to obtain a Working With Children Check. We kindly ask that everyone please fulfil this requirement as legally required. A “W.W.C.C.” for volunteers is Free of Charge and can be applied for online and finalized at any Australian Post Office outlet. If you are having problems please contact the Parish Office.

The Archdiocese's detailed “W.W.C.C.” protocol is available at:

To apply for your "W.W.C.C." please click here.

Information & Events

Short Term Accommodation Available - Loyola College Manresa Cottage

Are you in need of some short-term accommodation? If so Loyola College has a quaint cottage that has been recently renovated situated in the college grounds. Manressa cottage is suitable for one or two residents and may be rented at a very reasonable cost. For further information on availability and rates please feel free to download the brochure below or contact Dianna Alonso, Community Liaison Officer - Loyola College, on (03) 9433 0228 or email –


Join us for Morning Tea with Fr Steven & Jacinta Bright & parishioners & friends,over Zoom*every Friday from 10.00 until 11.00,from the 21st of August. We will make sure the conversation flows well and if we have a big enough number we can break up into small groups to allow you to have quieter conversations.

If you are interested, please contact Jacinta via the parish office on 9435 1543 or email
If you don’t yet know how to use Zoom you might consider asking a family member or friend to help you. It pretty simple once you know how. If you need help otherwise, please let Jacinta know and we will try to assist you.
If you can use Zoom and you are happy to help others connect, please let Jacinta know. This is a way we can reach out and stay connected at the moment.


Date: Sep 13 2020

Sunday the 13th of September has been designated as Child Protection Day.

The theme for Child Protection Week 2020 is 'Put Children First.'

Our Child Safeguarding Committee with Fr Steven have put together our Parish Statement of Commitment along with a letter from Fr Rigo about Child protection Day.


To view the Parish Statement of Commitment to Child Protection please click here and to read Fr. Steven's letter click here:



St. Thomas the Apostle
251 Diamond Creek Road
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