St. Thomas the Apostle - Greensborough North
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251 Diamond Creek Road, Greensborough North Vic 3088
Partner Parish with Diamond Creek & Greensborough
Fr. Steven Rigo
03 9434 7373
Monday & Thursday - 9:00am to 1:00pm Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday - 9:00am to 4:00pm



16th & 17th September 2017

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9th & 10th September 2017

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2nd & 3rd September 2017

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26th & 27th August 2017

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3rd June to 23rd December 2017

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26th August to 24th December 2017

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3rd June to 10th December 2017

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19th March to 10th December 2017

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Holy Mass:
Holy Mass is celebrated at 9:15am Tuesday to Friday alternating at St. Thomas the Apostle or Sacred Heart Churches and each day at St. Mary's Church.
Saturday Vigil Mass is celebrated weekly at St. Thomas the Apostle and St. Mary's Churches as well as on the first Saturday of each month only at St. Peter's Church Hurstbridge. Sunday Mass is celebrated at St. Thomas the Apostle, Sacred Heart and St. Mary's churches.
For information on commencement times of all Masses please click here.

St Thomas the Apostle:  Each Saturday from 9:30am to 10:00am
Sacred Heart: Each Friday from 9:45am to 10:15am, immediately after morning Mass.
St. Mary's: Each Saturday at 9:00am and 5:45pm.
Available at other times by appointment.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament:

The Eucharistic Chapel is available 24/7. To gain access to the Chapel please see the Priest after Mass or contact the Parish Office.

Baptisms are available on the 4th Sunday of each Month commencing at 12:00pm sharp. You will first meet with the Baptismal Preparation Group who will welcome you into the Parish and explain all aspects of the Sacrament. This meeting is held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month in the Church at 7:00pm sharp. The Right of Welcome occurs at Mass on either the Saturday or Sunday immediately following the Preparation Meeting.
To make a booking please feel free to contact the Parish Office during normal Parish hours.

Weddings should be booked in at least six months ahead. Marriage between two Christians is a living sign of God's love and has a deep value, both as a human relationship & as a sacrament. Because of this, the whole Church views marriage as an active element in its mission of showing God's love to the world.
Please contact your priest before agreeing to a commercial 'package' that includes Chapel & Reception.

Parish staff will assist you, including the preparation of everything needed for the funeral liturgy. Ask your funeral director to contact the Parish office. Out of office hours, the Parish Priest will take the call

Wedding Anniversaries:
The Parish will be glad to acknowledge your anniversary during Mass. Please contact Parish Office to make arrangements.

The Partnered Parishes of:

St. Thomas the Apostle Greensborough North,

Sacred Heart Diamond Creek, 

St. Mary's Greensborough

are members of the Diamond Valley Deanery

Working with Children Checks

It is now required under State Legislation that any person who participates in either paid or voluntary work in the Parish or for the Parish is required to obtain a Working With Children Check. We kindly ask that everyone please fulfill this requirement as legally required. A “W.W.C.C.” for volunteers is Free of Charge and can be applied for online and finalized at any Australian Post Office outlet. If you are having problems please contact the Parish Office.

The Archdiocese's detailed “W.W.C.C.” protocol is available at:

To apply for your "W.W.C.C." please click here.

Information & Events

Australian Catholic Youth Festival

Date: Dec 7 2017

The Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF) is a national gathering of young people established by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. The festival provides young people with an opportunity to deepen their relationship with Jesus. The third ACYF will be held in Sydney from 7th to 9th December 2017. For more information on being part of the Northern Region Collective please feel free to follow the Link below or to Download the Flyer.

Palms Australia Recruitment Encounter

Date: Sep 24 2017

Palms Australia, who have recruited Australian Catholic Volunteers for more than 56 years, are looking to assist the Catholic Bishops in Timor Leste. The Bishops are seeking mentors to assist in building on the strengths of their personnel in dioceses, schools, clinics and important community organisations.

If you first need an insight into the life and work of Palms volunteers you can join a 13-day cross-cultural Encounter experience starting on 24th September. For more information please refer to the Link below or Download the Flyer.

St John’s Parish 2017 Seminar - Pope Francis: A New Approach

Date: Oct 19 2017

Rev Dr Elio Capra, a Salesian priest, speaks about Amoris Laetitia—the Joy of Love, by Pope Francis. The seminar will be held each Thursday for three weeks Commencing Thursday 19th October from 7:30pm to 9:00pm at the Francis Xavier meeting rooms (St John’s parish house), 52 Yarra Street, Heidelberg. All are welcome and entry is free. RSVP 94571066 or email: For additional information please feel free to download the brochure.

Archbishop Hart Media Release - Assisted Dying & Same Sex Marriage

Date: Aug 27 2017

Archbishop Denis Hart has recently put out a Media Release into the public domain on the Catholic Church's position with regards two major issues being put before our country's Parliaments,  Assisted Dying and Same Sex Marriage. If you would like to be more informed regarding these two issues please feel free to download the Archbishop's statement below.

A Statement on the 500th Anniversary of Reformation

In Wittenberg on the 31st October 1517 Martin Luther posted ninety-five theses concerning abuses he saw in the church. The Anniversary of the Reformation in 2017 cannot go unnoticed. While it most directly touches Catholics & Lutherans it is not without significance for other Christian communions. To read more please feel free to download the joint statement from the Bishops Commission for Ecumenism & the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Meditation on Jesus

Date: Sep 30 2017

The Janssen Spirituality Centre in Boronia will be holding Healing Retreats on the "Meditation on Jesus". You have the option of a day retreat or a three day retreat. All are welcome to come and experience energizing, recharging and healing in Jesus under the guidance of Fr. Gilbert Carlo, SVD. For more information on dates and costs please download the flyer below.

St. Thomas the Apostle
251 Diamond Creek Road
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