St Peter's - Keilor East Parish
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St Peter's Parish
2A Parkside Avenue, Keilor East, Vic 3033
Rev Anil Mascarenhas (Administrator)
(03) 9337 4141
Tue, Wed, Fri – 9am to 4pm


History of St Peter's Parish

Then un-named, the parish history goes back 50 years, to 1965 when its first planting was considered by its parent parish of St. Christopher's, Airport West. On 27th September of that year, Father John Phelan, its Parish Priest, called a meeting at the Church of Christ church-hall in Milleara Road, East Keilor. The purpose of this meeting was to determine what type of building should be designed for the rapidly emerging suburb of East Keilor.

There was agreement. A Mass Centre was needed. The election of a sub-committee which would follow up the proposed building took place.

The sub-committee had to face a few issues. One of its first decisions was to plan for a "church-hall with basketball proportions". The then archbishop of Melbourne, Archbishop Justin Simonds had made a stipulation. A new parish could only be established if a building were erected.

Finally, sub-division began to take place, and made the Parkside Avenue property accessible. It was at that time that the decision was made to proceed with the building. After nurturing the seed for nearly five years, the sapling was about to be planted. The faith of the foundation parishioners, their persistence and their desire to promote the spiritual and educational needs of their families was coming to fruition.

At last, on 23rd January, 1970, the parish was proclaimed by Archbishop Knox and was canonically erected on 4th February with the confirmation of Father John Barker as first Parish Priest. It was his privilege to name the new parish, and so the parish of Saint Peter the Apostle, East Keilor, began for the parishioners with the first Mass celebrated by Father Barker on 1st February, 1970 at Saint Christopher's, Airport West.

12th July, 1970 was an historic day. Archbishop James Robert Knox blessed and officially opened the church-hall in the presence of 1500 people according to the Catholic "Advocate" report. The Archbishop sprinkled the outside and then the inside of the building with holy water. He prayed the following prayer before those present, which included the Mayor of Keilor and seven councillors and their families:

"O God, you make holy all places dedicated to your name; pour out your grace on this house of prayer, so that all who call upon your name in this place may experience the benefit of your mercy."

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