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St Joseph's Church
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47 Stanhope Street, Malvern, Vic 3144
Fr Alan Gibson CM
9401 6390
Monday-Wednesday – 8:00am -4.00pm Thursday-Friday - 8.00am-12.00pm

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Fr Alan's Reflection


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Fr Alan's Reflection


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Fr Alan's Reflection


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ST Joseph's Parish Newsletter


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St Joseph's Parish Newsletter


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St Joseph's Parish Newsletter


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St Joseph's Parish Newsletter


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Message from Fr Alan


Good afternoon. I am sure that by now most of would you have heard the Press Release from the Premier of Victoria this afternoon that Metropolitan Melbourne will go back into lockdown as from 11.59pm Wednesday 8th July.

Sadly, it means our Church will have to close again for that period.

I am currently awaiting updated guidelines from the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Once I receive these directions, I will make them available to you.

Over the past few weeks, the Sunday Mass has been pre-recorded and uploaded to the Parish website. That will continue. I will now also do the same for weekday Masses from Tuesday to Friday during this period. The Mass will be pre-recorded in the morning on those days and made available on the Parish website that same afternoon. I will honour any Mass intentions requested during this period. Requests for Mass Intentions can still be made by contacting the Parish Office on 9401 6390 or email

I have arranged meetings (via zoom) every Thursday afternoon at 5.00pm for any parishioner that is interested in joining. It consists of a reading of the Sunday Gospel, shared reflection, and prayers of intercession. These sessions are normally 15-20 minutes duration. A zoom account is not required to join. All that is required is to email me on and I send a link that just needs to be clicked on to connect.

I wish to express my deep gratitude to all who have volunteered in various ministries over these past few weeks. Your generosity made re-opening the Church possible in the first place.

I appreciate this announcement is very disappointing. Let us continue to support each other during this difficult period.

 Hot Button Issue-’Signs of Harm’

Unfortunately, because of the latest restrictions it has become necessary to postpone our next Hot Button Issue “Signs of Harm” which was scheduled to take place on Sunday 2nd August. A new date will be set once restrictions are lifted to the point where holding such an event is possible.

Donations for International Students

Since the notice was placed again in last week’s bulletin. There have been plenty of donations of non-perishable goods and some gift cards made. What a great response. Please keep the donations coming.

Parish Safeguarding Committee

The Parish Safeguarding Committee continues to meet (via zoom). The Committee is currently working out a strategy of communicating the importance of Child Safety to our children and young people in an appropriate way. Also being worked on is developing our own webpage on the Parish website. The Committee is also working on updating our current Child Safety Policy. Our next meeting is on Thursday 16th July.

Fr Alan


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St Joseph's Church
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