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Holy Eucharist & St Mary's Parish Office
91 Manning Road Malvern East 3145
Monsignor Stuart Hall
9571 2407
Tues to Fri – 9am to 1pm

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Archbishop's Pastoral Letter

Same Sex Marriage

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Proposed Assisted Suicide & Euthanasia Bill

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September 17th 2017

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September 10th 2017

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September 2017

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September 3rd 2017

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Parish News

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Steering Committee - Future Direction of the Parish of Malvern East


Dear Parishioners,


With the closure of Holy Eucharist Primary School, I have decided that it is opportune to establish a Steering Committee to ascertain the Future Direction of the Parish of Malvern East.


I will task the Steering Committee to develop a Parish Vision Masterplan that will look out to 2028 - a ten year vision. With this Vision Masterplan, the committee will then advise me, as Parish Priest, as to the best way to maximise our Parish assets in working towards this masterplan.


I see this Steering Committee as an opportunity to ‘renew’ and ‘reinvigorate’ the future mission of the Parish of Malvern East. For the Vision Masterplan to be successful there is a requirement for our younger parishioners to be involved in developing a vibrant parish that meets the future pastoral and ministry needs our the Parish.


The 2018-2028 Vision Masterplan requires the parish to think boldly and outside the box. It is an opportunity to ‘dream dreams’, to take account of the parish assets, the talents of parishioners and the facilities. If we were commencing a new parish today what would we include, and equally important what we will not include?


I would imagine that the Vision Masterplan will consider strategies that will enable the Vision to come alive. Areas to be considered (but not limited to these) are:


*  Worship space

*  Liturgical / Sacramental expression

*  OutReach - community

*  Community Development

*  Education - School, Adult

*  Plant - school, church, office space / presbytery(s) / parish halls / recreational areas

*  Office - future needs

*  Stewardship - income generation


Time Line (suggested)

•Now October 2017 : Call for expressions of interest of potential Steering Committee (SC) members.

•Mid October – conduct an inquiring evening that outlines expectation, commitment for potential

   SC   members.

•Late October 2017 : Commission SC

•November 2017 – April 2018 : Parish Consultation and input phase.

•May 2018 : Initial (Draft) Vision Masterplan presented to the PCC and wider Parish, and seeking  feedback.

•End June 2018 : Acceptance of Vision Masterplan.

•July 2018 : Commence Vision Masterplan.


The Parish Pastoral Council is calling for parishioners who have skill sets in this area, and who are interested in being a member of the Steering Committee.


I encourage all Parishioners to embrace this exciting opportunity in developing our Vision Masterplan.


Yours sincerely in Christ

Monsignor Stuart Hall



Parish Office

Our Parish Office is located at St. Mary's Presbytery, 91 Manning Rd. Malvern East. 3145.  Our Parish Secretary, Bernadette, is in the Office Tuesday to Friday from 9.00am - 1.00pm. Tel 9571 2407.

Our Parish

Holy Eucharist Malvern East and St. Mary's Malvern East became one parish in September 2016.

Upcoming Events

Anointing of the Sick & Mass

12 Noon on the 1st Friday of each month in St. Mary's Church followed by Luncheon in the Narthex.

Sacramental Program 2017

Information Packs for children who do not attend our parish schools wishing to prepare for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist & Confirmation in 2018 will be available from the Parish Office in December

Holy Eucharist Church
1241 Dandenong Rd, Malvern East, Vic 3145
St Mary's Church
91 Manning Rd, Malvern East, Vic 3145
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