Holy Eucharist & St Mary's - Malvern East Parish
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Holy Eucharist & St Mary's Parish Office
91 Manning Road Malvern East 3145
Monsignor Stuart Hall
9571 2407
Tues to Fri – 9am to 1pm

Parish News

Future Directions Report

Our Parish Vision & Mission Statement

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Future Directions Progress Report

June 2018

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Working With Children Check List

Information Sheet

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Future Directions Progress Report

December 2017

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Parish Newsletters


18th November 2018

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November 11th 2018

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November 4th 2018

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November 2018

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Parish News

Thank you for taking the time to view our Web page. Hope you find it helpful






Parish Office

Our Parish Office is located at St. Mary's Presbytery, 91 Manning Rd. Malvern East. 3145.  Our Parish Secretary, Bernadette, is in the Office Tuesday to Friday from 9.00am - 1.00pm. Tel 9571 2407.

Our Parish

Holy Eucharist Malvern East and St. Mary's Malvern East became one parish in September 2016.

Our Parish is committed to the safety, well being and dignity of all children and vulnerable adults




Upcoming Events

Anointing of the Sick & Mass

12 Noon on the 1st Friday of each month in St. Mary's Church followed by Luncheon in the Narthex.

Sacramental Program 2018

Information Packs for children who do not attend our parish school wishing to prepare for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist & Confirmation in 2019 will be available from the Parish Office in December.

Future Directions Report


Please take the time to download and read our parish future directions report.







Grade 6 students, from both Catholic and non-Catholic schools, are invited to attend a pizza night on Sunday, 2nd December at 6.30pm, held in  St Mary’s Narthex.  The parish has invited a guest speaker to explore some of the ways they can prepare for this next and exciting part of life. Also, an opportunity to meet our new parish youth minister, Julie Nguyen

Holy Eucharist Church
1241 Dandenong Rd, Malvern East, Vic 3145
St Mary's Church
91 Manning Rd, Malvern East, Vic 3145
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