Mansfield Catholic Parish
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St Francis Xavier's Church
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54 Hunter Street, Mansfield, Vic 3722
Fr. George Feliciouz
5775 2005


Mansfield Catholic Parish

Mansfield Catholic Parish is situated in the High Country in Victoria including parts of the Victorian Alps. The Parish was established in 1862 when Melbourne was a Diocese and Sydney was the Archdiocese. The Parish is part of the Archdiocese of Melbourne and is bordered by parishes of the Sandhurst and Sale Dioceses. The Mansfield Catholic Parish churches are: St Francis Xavier (Mansfield), St John's (Woods Point), St John the Baptist (Jamieson), St Patrick's (Bonnie Doon), St Joseph's (Tolmie) and Our Lady of the Snow (the Alpine Chapel) on Mount Buller.


Parish Prayer

Heavenly Father, We the people of Mansfield Parish entrust you with our prayers, our needs and our hopes. We thank you for giving us your Son as our Saviour, our life and our inspiration.Help us to work as one in the Spirit building up the Body of Christ and bringing peace through forgiveness to the world. May our patrons: St Francis Xavier, St John the Apostle, St Patrick, St Joseph, St John and Mary Help of Christians, pray for us and guide us in the ways of Jesus.  AMEN.

Upcoming Events


January 2022

Sunday 30th January - 11.00 am Mass at St Joseph's Tolmie

followed by BYO Lunch.


Mass Times


Mass and Liturgical Celebrations at Mansfield Catholic Parish


January 8th/9th 

Saturday 6.00 pm  Vigil Mass at Mansfield 

Sunday    9.00 am  Mansfield 

No week day Masses

 January 15th/16th 

Saturday 6.00 pm  Vigil Mass at Mansfield 

Sunday    9.00 am  Mansfield 

No week day Masses


Saturday 6.00 pm  Vigil Mass at Mansfield 

Sunday    9.00 am  Mansfield & 11.00 am Jamieson

Weekday Masses as below


Saturday 6.00 pm  Vigil Mass at Mansfield 

 Sunday    9.00 am  Mansfield & 11.00 am Tolmie

Weekday Masses as below


1st & 3rd Sunday 6.00 pm Bonnie Doon 

2nd & 4th Sunday 11.00 am Jamieson 

5th Sunday of the Month 11.00 am Tolmie 

Weekday Masses

Tuesday 9.00 am Rosary followed by Mass at  9.30 am

Wednesday 9.00 am Rosary followed by Mass at  9.30 am 

Thursday 9.00 am Rosary followed by Mass at  9.30 am   

Friday 9.00 am Rosary followed by Mass at  9.30 am (First Friday Exposition of Blessed Sacrament at 9.00 am followed by Mass at 9.30 am)

Scroll down for Parish COVID Safe Plan


24th December 5.00 pm Bonnie Doon

                             6.30 pm Mansfield

                             8.00 pm  Jamieson 

25th December  9.00 am Mansfield  


Holy Thursday 8.00 pm Evening Mass of the Lord's Supper at Mansfield followed by vigil

Good Friday  11.00 am Ecumenical Stations of the Cross at Highett Street 

                          3.00 pm  The Lord's Passion at Mansfield and Jamieson  

Saturday Easter Vigil  6.00 pm Mansfield

Easter Sunday   9.00 am Mansfield

                            11.00 am Jamieson

                             5.00/6.00 pm  Bonnie Doon


Saturday: 9:45 am and 5.30 pm


Baptisms are usually on Saturdays. Contact the Parish Office and make an appointment to meet the Parish Priest


Contact the Parish Office and make an appointment to meet the Parish Priest

PLEASE NOTE: 3 months’ notice is required before a wedding.


                                             MANSFIELD CATHOLIC PARISH COVID SAFE PLAN


Hygiene Requirements:

 It is recommended that face coverings be worn if you can’t physically distance, if you have any symptoms, or if you are with people who may be vulnerable to COVID-19. Avoid sharing of food and drink (does not apply if catered in accordance with COVID safety regulations).

Where possible, enhance airflow (opening windows and adjusting air conditioning).


Sanitizing and Cleaning:

Hand sanitiser stations in church entrances and St Mary’s Hall.

Ensure surfaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Cleaning and disinfection of any shared equipment or furniture between groups (where use cannot be avoided).

Practice good hygiene – Sanitize hands.

After each service sanitize the pews or furniture used with the sanitizing napkins provided in the churches/buildings.

Musical instruments must be wiped with a disinfectant wipe between uses.


Physical distancing:


Configure areas and apply density quotients (in churches and buildings). Consider installing barriers.

Avoid carpooling where possible (unless with members of same household).


Record keeping:

Using the Victoria QR Code all people who enter the churches and church halls to enter their names and phone numbers for contact tracing purposes or a contacting tracing register for names and phone numbers. This includes ALL visitors, employees, contractors, clergy, volunteers, and parishioners.

All staff and volunteers must provide proof of COVID Vaccine.


Religious Gatherings/Ceremonies/Visits:

Visits to Bindaree and Buckland Care Facilities and also Mansfield Hospital are subject to facility Guidelines. Only fully vaccinated are permitted to visit homes.

Under no circumstances should anyone having symptoms, awaiting a COVID-19 test verification, including Clergy (even without presenting symptoms) attend a church or parish setting until a diagnosis is confirmed. Additionally, under no circumstances should anyone attend who is closely connected to people who are awaiting test results or who have tested positive.

If any cases get detected use the contact tracing details to notify others, including DHHS and WorkSafe, close the office, parish and parish facilities. The Archdiocese to be notified as well.


In accordance with Victorian pandemic orders under the new Public Health and Wellbeing Act, new guidelines are in place from 11.59pm Wednesday, 15 December 2021  until 12 January 2022. Accordingly there will not be any vaccination requirements nor any requirement to check vaccination status at Places of Worship for Weddings, Funerals, and general Worship. QR check-ins are still required at Places of Worship, even though vaccination status does not need to be checked. So  in Mansfield Catholic Parish there will be no Vaccination Status Required at Masses. 

Please note that other activities outside of worship, particularly those activities that involve hospitality, will require full vaccination for participation and will entail QR code check-ins and COVID Marshals. This will apply to varying activities held within the parish-context. 

Face coverings no longer need to be worn at weddings, funerals, or worship.
Face coverings continue to be required indoors in limited high-risk settings including retail, health care and aged care.
It is recommended that face coverings be worn if you are with people who may be vulnerable to COVID-19.

Updated Wednesday 17th December  2021                                           Rev George Feliciouz



Rev George Feliciouz

Parish Priest

The Mansfield Catholic Parish, Archdiocese of Melbourne is committed to the safety, wellbeing and dignity of all children and vulnerable adults.

54 Hunter Street
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