St Augustine's Parish
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St Augustine's Church
631 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Fr Victor Farrugia
(03) 9412 8426
Mon, Tue, Thu – 9am to 1pm

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30th Nov 2014 Parish Newsletter

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 Welcome to St Augustine's Catholic Parish Website!

St Augustine’s Catholic Church is the second oldest Catholic Church in the city of Melbourne.

Built over 160 years ago to handle the overflow from St Francis Church, our parish is now a flourishing hub of activity handling regular Masses, Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals and other Special Events. 

Our superb gardens are unique to the west end of Melbourne and are enjoyed by city office workers, our regular parishioners, many tourists and passers by.  Find out more about our rich history here.

Sunday School at St Augustine's Church!

Our Sunday School kids are actually waking up the parents on Sunday mornings and asking to come along to church for more of the great videos, slide shows, drawing and puzzles. All of which are designed to engage in the simple messages of family unity and spirit, looking after those around you each day, and having fun.

If you would like your kids to join many others each Sunday, just fill out the quick form below and get started today. We guarantee they will love it from day one.

The City of Melbourne is changing by the day and St Augustine’s Church is right in the middle of it.

By combining traditional values of song and prayer together with the latest in Audio Visual technology, we have created a whole new Sunday School experience that is great fun and at the same time brings you and your kids closer to God’s Love and Peace messages each week.

All families and kids gather at the 10:30am Sunday Mass.

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St Augustine's Parish
631 Bourke Street
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