Christ the Light Catholic Parish
Nazareth Centre
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Kinglake Community
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St Joseph's Church
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48 Mernda Village Drive, Mernda, Vic 3754
Fr. Martin Ashe
9412 8493 [NEW]
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9am-4pm

Parish News

Safeguard Children and Young People Code of Conduct

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Safeguarding Children and Young People Commitment

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2020 Parish Calendar

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Parish Welcome Brochure 2019

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Parish Newsletters

4th Sunday of Advent Yr A 22 December 2019

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3rd Sunday Advent Year A 15th December 2019

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2nd Sunday Advent Year A 8th December 2019

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Christmas Mass Times

Nazareth Centre, St Joseph’s School Mernda

44 Mernda Village Drive Mernda

Tuesday 24th December: Carols at 5:30pm, Family Mass 6pm

Tuesday 24th December: Carols at 8pm, Mass at 8:30pm  

Wednesday 25th December: Carols at 8:30am, Mass at 9am


St Mary’s Church, Whittlesea

Fir Street Whittlesea

Tuesday 24th December: Carols at 7pm, Mass at 7.30pm

Wednesday 25th December: 10am


St Mary’s Church, Kinglake

124 Whittlesea-Kinglake Road Kinglake

Wednesday 25th December: 8.30am



Hey Mums & Dads!! Looking for a way to give your children a way of experiencing the Christmas Story? 

Christ the Light Parish has the answer!  We invite the children to dress up as any of the Nativity Story characters and come along to the Family Mass of your choice. This is a wonderful way for the children to experience a deeper appreciation of the Birth of Jesus and to act as a visual reminder to all of us of the true meaning of Christmas.   Sandy Starbuck – 94016322.


2019 CHRISTMAS CARDS with best wishes and blessings from Fr Martin, Fr Shymon and the Parish Team. Please take a card from the back of the church and share it with your family and friends.


Parish Office Closure. The Parish Office will be closed over the Christmas/New Year period,

and will re-open 9am Tuesday 14th  January 2020.


Upcoming Events


We are a Child Safe Parish. We hold the care, safety and well-being of children, young people and

vulnerable adults as a central and  fundamental responsibility of our community.


       Sick or house-bound at home.  If any parishioner is sick or house-bound and would like to receive Holy Communion or Anointing, we are only too ready to visit you, so please contact the Parish Office.  


 Interested in Becoming a Catholic?

Within our Parish Vision and Mission statement, we speak of as disciples of Jesus, we embark on a life-long journey of learning and growing in relationship with the Lord, embracing Him as ‘the Way, the Truth, and the Life’ reflected in the way in which we live our lives.  We are called to spread the Good News of Christ making a positive contribution to the world!   The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults [RCIA] is our Catholic response to reaching out to those wishing to know more about being a Catholic.  Soon, that journey will begin.   If you or someone you know, may be pondering about the Catholic Faith, wondering how to answer God’s invitation to them to enter into a relationship with Jesus and with our Church, invite them to

contact us.  I’m available to discuss any queries about RCIA, by contacting me at the Parish Office either in person, or by phone, 9401 6322. Sandy Starbuck.




48 Mernda Village Drive Mernda
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