St Thomas Aquinas - Norlane Parish
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St Thomas Aquinas -
51 Plume Street, Norlane, Vic 3214
Fr. Raymond Zammit
(03) 5275 2078
Mon, Tue, Thu – 9am to 1pm

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Norlane Groups and Ministries form

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Stewardship Program Brochure

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M Y - D E A R - PA R I S H I O N E R S

On behalf of our parish family – parishioners, our Parish Leadership Team and staff and the teachers and staff of our parish school – I welcome you.

We are a wonderful community – benefitting from the faith, diversity and talents of our parishioners. We owe a debt of gratitude to the hard work and generosity of those who established our parish.

It is important we honour their legacy by ensuring that we not only maintain our parish but continue to grow in faith, life and love. This is only possible with your prayerful support and your personal and financial engagement. This is why we are undertaking a renewal of our Stewardship Program – last undertaken in 2014.

This Program brochure is designed to introduce you to what lies ahead. The renewal will provide a wonderful opportunity to reflect, as individuals, and together as a community, on what it means to be a part of our parish family. We have identified our priorities for the future – for our church and parish facilities, our commitment to pastoral care and faith development.

In coming weeks there will be speakers, videos and special materials. It is important that we hear YOUR voice. I invite and encourage you to be involved in the Program and contribute to its success by being involved as it unfolds – at Mass and by following us on our updated parish website and Facebook.

May we continue to be a parish rich in faith, rich in service and committed to each other. I commend the Stewardship Program renewal to you and encourage you to be actively involved.

Yours in Christ,

Fr Ray Zammit mssp

Parish Administrator

Upcoming Events

Stewardship Program 2018

Date: Oct 5 2018

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St Thomas Aquinas
51 Plume Street
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