St Joseph's Northcote Parish
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140 Westbourne Grove, Northcote, Vic 3070
Rev Minh Tran
9489 8008
Tue-Fri 10:00am - 3:30pm

Parish News

St. Joseph's feast day Poster

St. Joseph's feast day Poster

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St Joseph’s Parish Northcote 2019 Lenten Program

Living Lent

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Parish Newsletters

Fifth Sunday of Easter Year C


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Fourth Sunday of Easter Year C


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Third Sunday of Easter-Year C


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Second Sunday of Easter


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Welcome Message

I warmly welcome you to St Joseph’s parish website.

At St Joseph Parish, with the grace of God and the commitment of our parishioners, we are sustained on the journey of proclaiming the Gospel. Together, as a community, we go forth with confidence on the journey of faith.

Whether you are a visitor, a recent arrival to the area of Northcote, or simply looking for a spiritual home, you will find a very welcoming and faith - filled community.

The faith of our parish community today has been sustained by the people who have gone before us beginning in 1893 when the parish was established.

The parish engages in many different ministries to reach out in love and service to those in need.

The sacraments we celebrate at St Joseph are signs of a gracious God who never stops revealing himself to us.

May St Joseph’s intercession help us to follow his example of being available to others. Like him, we live in faith and grow in our humility and our loving trust in a God who desires to do great things through us, and bring us into His kingdom of love justice and peace.

May God bless us all and may St Joseph protect our families.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Minh Tran


Weekday Mass Times:                  

8.45am-9.10am Rosary, followed by  9.15am Mass on


Weekend Mass Times:                          

5:30pm:  Saturday—Vigil Mass.   


8.45am:  Sunday—Italian/English Mass. 


10.30am: Sunday—Family Mass.


Upcoming Events

St Joseph’s Gospel discussion & Meditation group.

Date: May 2 2019

The group meets from 7.00pm to 8.30pm

on the first and third

Thursday of the month

All Welcome!


Date: May 22 2019


Wednesday 22nd May - from 10.00 to 12.00pm

New Weekly Senior Social day

Bingo Club -All Welcome


Date: May 11 2019

Saturday  25/05:  5:30pm

Commentator: Vony Juwond

Reader: Tannous El-Fahkri

Communion Minister: Sr Therese Denny

Musician in charge: Teddy Susanto


Sunday 26/05 8.45am

Commentator: Raffaele Capetola

Reader: Jill Ryan

Communion Minister: Cesarina Zampieri


Sunday 26/05 10.30am

Commentator: James Pinnuck

Reader: Bridgette Pinnuck

Communion Minister: Milindha de Mel & Rosanna de Mel

Musician in charge: Brad Pinto


Church Cleaning (27th May)

Jordan Family


St Joseph's Parish
140 Westbourne Grove, Northcote

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