Immaculate Conception - Seymour Parish
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Immaculate Conception -
34 Crawford Street, Seymour, Vic 3660
Rev. Eugene Ashkar
(03) 9412 8406 Mobile 0455 123 509
Tue -Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm unless emergency.


St Marys Parish Hall

  New St. Mary’s Parish Hall

The original parish church of Seymour was commenced in 1870 with the laying of the foundation stone by Archbishop Alipius Goold on 4th December 1871. The partially completed church was blessed by Archbishop Goold in 1873 and was solemnly blessed by Archbishop Thomas Carr in 1888 (see A Brief History of St. Mary’s Parish Seymour).


Prior to 1890, Seymour was part of the Kilmore Parish. It was separated from Kilmore in 1890 and was established as a canonical parish which included the district of Tallarook.


Following the completion of the present parish church in June 1938 the original red brick church became St. Mary’s Parish Hall and remained as such until it was demolished on 21 March 1999 due to structural deterioration and 128 years of wear.


The present St. Mary’s Parish Hall was completed in 1999 and was opened and blessed by Archbishop George Pell on Sunday 12 September 1999 with over 400 parishioners and visitors present. On the same afternoon Archbishop Pell blessed the new junior classrooms and science laboratory of St. Mary’s College.

Parish Priest: Rev Fr Eugene Ashkar.


 Builder: Mr. Gerard O’Sullivan


The Sandstone Cross

 The sandstone cross recessed into the façade of the New Hall was taken from above the entrance of the original parish church and transferred to the entrance of the new hall.


The new St. Mary’s Parish Hall plays an important part in the life of the parish. It provides a friendly and comfortable meeting place for parish functions and gatherings. The hall is used during school hours by St. Mary’s College for school assemblies, public speaking and debating, art and craft exhibitions, parent-teacher interviews etc. The hall, through the Parish Pastoral Care Group, provides families with a venue for morning and afternoon teas following funerals and times of bereavement. The hall is also available for hire for meetings, presentations, wedding receptions and family functions at the discretion of the Parish Priest details concerning terms and conditions of hire are available from the Parish Secretary or on this web site under application forms tab.


Contact person: The Parish Secretary, tel: (03) 94128406

Parish Priests and Assistant Priests of Seymour


1890-1895            Fr.William Harnett

1895-1897            Fr. Joseph Barry

1897-1899            Fr. Joseph Walshe

1899-1900            Fr. J. O'Neill

1900-1915            Fr. Thomas Considine

1915-1925            Fr. Michael J. Dolan

1916                      Fr. T.W. O'Collins

 (Seymour Military Camp)

1925-1939            Fr. P. O'Connor

1939-1946            Fr. Francis McGuire

1939                     Fr. John Ryan

1946-1955            Fr. James Murphy           

1946-1949            Fr. Tom Curran

1949-1955            Fr. Kevin O'Donnell

1956-1959            Fr. Edmund Nowlan

1955-1957            Fr. Denis White

1956-1960            Fr. N. Coleman

1959-1962            Fr. George Maltby

1960-1961            Fr. David Kehoe




1961-1963            Fr. S. Camillieri

1962-1965            Fr. Patrick Garvey

1962                      Fr. Bill Durkin

1962-1965            Fr. Bill McAuley

1965-1970            Fr. J. Vincent Creed

1965-1967            Fr.Eric Hodgens (Puckapunyal)

1968-1970            Fr. Joseph O'Callaghan (Pucka)

1970-1972            Fr. Robert J. Maguire (Puckapunyal)

1970-1974            Fr. Bryan Donovan

1971-1974            Fr. John Dargan

1974-1982            Fr. M.Vincent Cooley

1974-1976            Fr. John Stuart

1976-1980            Fr. John Williams

1980-1982            Fr. Frank Bellett

1982-1989            Fr. Leo Pascoe

1989-1995            Fr. Graham Redfern

1996                      Fr. Greg Bennet Adm (Jan-June)

2015-2016            Fr Paul Newton (Admin)

1996-2016            Monsignor Anthony K. Toms

2016- Present      Fr. Eugene Ashkar.

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