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St Paul's Parish
202 Glengala Road
Sunshine West
VIC 3020
(03) 8372 5500
Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri – 7:30am to 2:00pm


First Holy Communion of St Peter’s Year 3 and 4 children

It was with great joy and much-awaited anticipation that on Saturday, 27 Nov. 21 at 10am, Fr Renato Manubag celebrated the Mass for the 12 children from St Peter Primary School, who were receiving Communion, or so-called as the Holy Eucharist, for the first time. Present on this special occasion were the principal and teachers from the school, together with their parents and friends.

 It was such a beautiful celebration. All the children were dressed in white colour which symbolizes the purity, innocence, joy, and virtue. During his homily, Fr Renato quotes St Augustine as saying that “if we receive the Eucharist worthily, we become what we receive.” By receiving the Eucharist for the first time, these children gradually become Christlike through the power of the Holy Spirit. This special day also marks the new journey of their Christian lives.

 The Mass went very well in the spirit of reverence and prayerfulness. A big thanks to the teachers from St Peter’s Primary School, whose hidden works has made this day so amazingly wonderful. Hopefully, this First Holy Communion Mass will be a great inspiration for these students to grow in virtue and good character.