St Kevin's Templestowe Parish
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St Kevin's Templestowe Parish
26-44 Herlihys Road, Lower Templestowe, Vic 3107
Fr. Gerard McKernan
9850 5983
Tuesday: 9-5pm and Wednesday to Friday: 9-4pm

Mass Readings

2nd Sunday of Advent

9th December, 2018

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1st Sunday of Advent

2nd December, 2018

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Feast of Christ the King

25th November, 2018

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33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

18th November, 2018

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Parish Newsletters

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

18th November, 2018

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32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

11th November, 2018

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31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

4th November, 2018

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30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

28th October, 2018

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St Kevin's Templestowe Parish

 Vision Statement 

“St Kevin’s Templestowe Parish is a Catholic community called by God and trusting in Jesus. We aspire to care for and connect with the wider world and to be hospitable and generous so that all may live life to the full."


 Mission Statement  

Through the Holy Spirit we make tangible the good news of Jesus Christ in the whole community, by   practising our faith, fostering our growth in Christ and offering service to all.

  We aim to achieve our mission by:

· being a welcoming community;

· promoting prayerful and vibrant liturgies;

· working with other churches and community groups;

· providing opportunities for people to develop their faith;

· respecting every person and

· identifying and providing for those in need.

St Kevin's Templestowe Parish  Plenary Council Open Group (discussion/process)

We invite God into our conversation because this helps us to remember that our Church serves God's vision for the world.  Let's contribute to the Plenary Council 2020 together through a Listening and Dialogue process. 

Let's have our say together

Another way you can have your say is by filling out a short 10 question survey, just click this link to begin.

Plenary Council 2020 Survey 

Plenary Council Survey will be open until 13th November 2018 and is hosted online through 'SurveyMonkey' 

  Have a chance to have your say in preparation for the Plenary Council 2020  

The last Plenary Council held was in 1937.... 81 years ago. 

Times have changed, let's move forward together.

The Plenary Council is upon us all. 

Here at St Kevin's Parish, we are having our say. A group of parishioners have come together, constructed and sent a letter to Archbishop Peter Comensoli. Please have a read Letter to Archbishop Peter Comensoli

What is a Plenary Council? Why a Plenary Council?

A Plenary Council is a formal meeting of the bishops and other representatives of all the dioceses and eparchies of the Catholic Church in Australia. Its purpose is to discern what God is asking of us in Australia at this present time. While the church should be asking that question continually, a Plenary Council is a particularly graced instrument for seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance. And it has the authority to make church laws on the results of its discernment.

Although in the end it will be the bishops who will vote on any future directions for the church in Australia, they will be making those decisions in the light of a long listening to the Holy Spirit speaking through the voices of any of the faithful who wish to speak around Australia. This makes the Plenary Council 2020 different from the last one in 1937. Everyone has a chance to participate and to express whatever the Spirit is saying to them in their heart.

Vatican II spoke of how God, who spoke in the past, “continues to converse” with the church (Dei Verbum, 8). Through our Plenary Council 2020, the Catholic Church hopes to enter more intensely into that divine-human dialogue.

The agenda for the first session of the Council will be formed in response to the dialogue and listening process from ALL OF US. It's your turn, your chance to have a say on what is placed on the Agenda. 


To have 'your say' click on this link and submit your response.


 An Extract from the Plenary Council Post edition 9


If you haven’t already done so, check out the new resources on the website. There are practical guides for dialogues, new prayers and theological reflections. Thank you sincerely to everyone who has developed something and shared it so generously – the giftedness of so many across the country is helping the Church in such wonderful ways. The fruits of the Spirit are greatly evident!  


 Plenary Council depends on us and on God 
St Ignatius of Loyola is attributed to have said: “Pray as if everything depends on God, work as if everything depends on you.”

I thought of this Ignatian gem many times since we have begun in the Archdiocese our Listening and Dialogue sessions as part of our journey to the Australian Plenary Council of 2020/2021.

My initial observation so far is that we have struggled to truly answer the essential question of these sessions: “What do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time?”

Pragmatic Australians seem to move too quickly to the “everything depends on us” aspect, without truly pondering on the other vital dimension that “everything depends on God”.

I believe finding the balance between those two poles is the vital challenge. This is a task of deep conversion. It requires a true humble and docile listening to what “God is asking of us in Australia at this time”.

Click hear to read Archbishop Prowse's full article.


by Archbishop Christopher Prowse of Canberra and Goulburn

For more and ongoing information, please visit the Plenary Council website at: 

John Menadue – Pearls and Irritations

JOHN HANNON. Complexities of Catholic marriage.

 As Brendan Byrne SJ, scripture scholar, comments on today’s Gospel( 7 October 2018): Any pastor would be aware that no Sunday Gospel read throughout the year… will require more careful handling than this one… To simply read out the rulings of Jesus in the Gospel without comment or nuance would be to turn Gospel into Law, and simply add to a burden of guilt that may already be oppressive” So, here goes, for my take!  
Posted on
 12 October 2018


HOMILY 2018 27TH SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME YEAR B (Mk 10.2-16 (Gen 2.18-20, Hb 2.9-11)

A priest was quoted to me as saying from the pulpit at Mass one Sunday in the not so distant past, words to this effect: “Any person who is divorced in this church should not be here, because you are a cause of scandal”! Does this reflect the attitude of Jesus in today’s Gospel? Absolutely not!! The scandal came straight from the silly man in the pulpit, with his wrong, ignorant and judgemental attitude!! The person who told me this, in approaching the Tribunal about the possibility of nullity said she had not been to Mass for a long time after this traumatic and unjust experience. And so, to those who here present, who have been through the difficult process of divorce or annulment, and, to those who have been divorced and remarried, annulled or not, you are most welcome to participate in our diverse community, and I commend you for being here, sticking with your faith and faith community, seeking spiritual strength and nourishment, as well as friendship and a sense of belonging. As Pope Francis has said, our model for Church is ‘a field hospital’ for sinners, all of us ‘walking wounded’in some way or other, whatever our situation. We are diverse People of God on the journey of life, at whatever stage we are at. This is no ‘Perfect Society’, as we well know, at all levels.

To read the full article click here