St Joan of Arc
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St Joan of Arc
118 New Street, Brighton, Vic 3186
St James
73 North Road, Brighton, Vic 3186
Fr. Martin Dixon
(03) 9593 1703
Mon, Tue, Thu – 9am to 1pm

Parish Team

Our Parish Team

Parish Priest
Fr Martin Dixon
9593 1703
Parish Accountant
Marina Stevenson
9593 1703
Parish Secretary
Elaine Bolitho
Pastoral Worker, Catechist
Carole Cheng
John McCarthy
Nici Bonning
Mary Taylor
Adam Kaczanowski

Our Schools

Principal of St Joan of Arc Catholic Primary School
Tony McMahon
9592 3840
Principal of St James Catholic Primary School
Brendan Flanagan
9596 4766

Our Regional Schools

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