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- 25 Gipson Street, Diamond Creek, Vic 3089
- 1053 Kinglake Road, Hurstbridge Vic 3099
Partner Parish with Greensborough & Greensborough North
Fr. Steven Rigo
03 9401 6361
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Safety of Children, Young Adults & Vulnerable Adults



At Sacred Heart Parish we hold the care, safety and wellbeing of all as a fundamental responsibility. All people have the right to feel safe and protected from all forms of abuse and neglect. The care, safety, wellbeing and dignity of all are integral parts of the teachings and values of the Catholic Church. In particular, St Thomas has an unequivocal commitment to fostering the dignity, self-esteem and integrity of children, young people and vulnerable adults, providing them with a safe, supportive and enriching environment to develop spiritually, physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.
Our Sacred Heart Parish Child Safety Policy, Child Code of Conduct and associated policies and procedures have a specific focus on safeguarding children and young people, against sexual, physical, psychological and emotional abuse or neglect within our parish environs, in parish related online communication and other parish related locations.

Listed below are the resources supporting child safety at Sacred Heart Parish.
If you have concerns that a child or young person may be in an abusive situation or at risk of abuse, or if you wish to discuss a situation of abuse that may have occurred in the past, please contact Fr Steven Rigo, our Parish Priest, on 9435 1543 or  oremail – or contact our parish office on 94016361.  If a child or young person is in imminent danger, call Police on 000 immediately.

Communication from our Partnered Parishes

Safeguarding or Children: Our Obligations

Administrative Details

From the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne

From the Victorian Government

Other Resources

Application Forms for Volunteers

  • Application for Working With Children Checks
  • Application for Victorian Police Check
  • If you need assistance with completing an application for a WWCC or Police Check, please contact the Parish Office on 9401 6361  or email

    Online Training Modules

    Co-facilitated by the Professional Standards Unit and Catholic Church Insurance, the Safeguarding Risk Management Fundamentals e-Learning video modules are designed to increase your awareness of safeguarding risks within your parish and develop your understanding of how to conduct a risk assessment.
    The content is presented over three 20 minute modules, providing a step-by-step demonstration of the risk management process to identify, analyse and address possible risks to provide safe physical and online environments for children and young people.

    These modules are recommended for Safeguarding Committee members and any person responsible for overseeing, coordinating and delivering programs within a parish.

    If you have completed the above modules, please notify the Parish Office so that we can keep a list of people who have completed them.



Safeguarding Documents

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