St John's
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St John's
52 Yarra Street, Heidelberg, Vic 3084
Fr Mario Zammit
(03) 9457 1066
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri – 9:30am to 2.30pm

Parish Newsletters


25th March

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18th March

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11th March

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4th March

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Parish News


Palm Sunday

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5th Sunday in Lent (B)

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4th Sunday in Lent

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3rd Sunday in Lent (B)

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Upcoming Events

2018 Parish Year Planner

Parish Magazine - Eyrie issue number 5

First issue for 2018 - second year. Thanks to all contributors and the team!

Clarification: The Age 12th February 2018

This is a statement about the property of St John's Catholic Parish, Heidelberg.

Jose De Piro Kabataan (youth) Orchestra - Philippines

A document about the history of this youth orchestra our parish is supporting, and a link to their facebook page.



Easter Programme

St Johns Catholic Church
52 Yarra Street, Heidelberg, Vic, 3084
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